NGI Technical Services and Triad Control Systems are the two companies of The Newtron Group that have design engineering capabilities. They provide and oversee engineering for electrical and instrumentation projects, electrical heat tracing, process analyzers, and custom process control panels. With a team of licensed professional engineers, NGI Technical Services and Triad Control Systems are adept in all aspects of a project, from start to finish. We offer full-service design engineering, including engineering in the analytical field and electrical heat tracing.

Electrical includes:

  • In-Plant Power Distribution and Control
  • Grounding
  • Motor and Controls
  • Electrical Studies
  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Coordination

Instrumentation includes:

  • Field Surveys
  • Cable/Raceway Routing
  • Junction Box/Marsh Wiring
  • RIE (Remote Instrument Enclosure) Building Design and Fabrication
  • Instrument Spec Sheets (Also procurement)
  • Loop Drawings/Installation Details
  • P&ID Updates

We always use the current release of Auto CAD, ETAP and In Tools. Our staff includes a Licensed Professional Engineer (Louisiana, Texas and California), Degreed Electrical Engineers, E&I Designers, Draftsmen and a Process Analyzer Technologist.