Power Generation

The Newtron Group companies are among the most skilled in the power generation industry. We handle various projects within plants including new units at existing facilities as well as other infrastructure work. Some of the projects we’ve completed include: instrumentation upgrades, control system modernization, scrubbers, air cool condensers, water treatment facilities, ash handling systems, coal conveyer work, turbine instrumentation, propane handling and storage, ammonia handling, boiler control systems, switchyards and transformer yards.

Although the majority our experience has been with coal-fired, gas and combined cycle power facilities, we have positioned our companies to be ready for the new wave of renewable power generation. Contact our individual offices to find out more about our ability to complete these renewable energy projects.


Nuclear Power

In anticipation of the future role to be played by low carbon emission energy sources, The Newtron Group has written a separate QA program document specifically to service the Nuclear Power industry which complies with the 18 quality program requirements set forth in ASME national standard NQA-1, 2008,"Quality Assurance Requirments for Nuclear Facility Applications." This provides The Newtron Group with the ability to add nuclear power to our services portfolio, for both new plant construction and any backfit renovation (uprate) services projects.